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Europe Institute of Technology, another X-Institute of Technology, again?

February 23, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Europe Institue of Technology is a new idea EU intends to set up for competing with MIT or the leading universities in USA for stopping the brain drain. Critics argue this idea will wrist the resource allocation and ignore current effort on research collaboration and alike.

The success of MIT and other prestigous American universities made counterparts in other countries like to imitate or learn to establish so called prestigous schools and universities in their own countries. Yet, this kind of ambition is understandable but may ignore iccidently some contextual considerations that may jaepodize the success of these X-Institute of Technology.

According to my personal experience and understanding, many follower or latecomer may forget following agenda while they expect themself to be the “MIT” someday.

1. Academic practices in the local context: such as systems in recruiting faculty and studnet, how do you evaluate and promote them, etc. Does these institutions help or prohibit the development of so called X-I. T.? If not, how much change do you need? how to do that? Can your local context afford that?
2. The participation from industry: is that norm or unusual for industry guys involve so called education busniess? if so, to what extent and by what kind of methods?

3. Whether it imply the city or nation, Can the stakeholders of the X-I. T. accept or endure the idea of recruiting or hiring the best around the world into that community?

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