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Inside careers

In the academic career, inside careers means people who work at the organization that confer them the degree (Meyer, 2006). The advantages of doing that is those new recruited scholars familiar with the existing organization and culture, that may also consolidate existing research capacity. The disadvantage is that may limit the diversity of the organization, scope of research topics, and other new career opportunities.

Some schools have policies that don’t hire those new graduates from their own program, while others may not have such a strict rule or even welcome their graduates to have such a inside careers.

Is that good to have “inside careers” in the academic organizaiton? If so, to what extent that those insider careers scholars attribut to the performance of their affiliated schools?

One interesting reserch direction is what is the relationship between research performance (e.g. number of journal articles) and inside careers? or said as the relationship between knowledge diversity (e.g. using the confering school as the proximity to distinguish different groups) and research performance?


Meyer, K. E. 2006. Asia management research needs more self confidnece. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 23:119-137.

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