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Management Education in China

School of Economic and Management, Tsing Hua University, China become the cover of Fortune last year. China Europe International Business School remain in the top ranking in the worldwide media.

I just read one Japanese article entitled ” The case for management education in China” appeared at Diamond Harvard Business Review (Japanese version of Harvard Business Review). Except description about the development of MBA education in China, it also mentioned about recent activities of Program on Case Method and Participant-Centered Learning (PCMPCL) organized by Harvard Business School. It’s a faculty development program HBS used to teach those professors from developing business schools, especially those in developing countries, how to use case method in their classrooms.

In this article, it mentioned this PCMPCL mainly recruited Chinese professors from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Of course, the development of management education in Hong Kong, Sinapore is more advance than China and Taiwan, in terms of their performance on different ranking of management education, such as FT, Economist.

Even though the language of instruction may hinder the exposure of business schools in Taiwan, what surprise me is we cannot see too much impact from Taiwan for the management education in China, regardless some professors may visit China for short term teaching, visiting. Another interesting point is the development of using case method for business schools in Taiwan may not that popular as one may guess by its longer history in having management education far earlier than China.

What interest me is not only the future development of management education in China, but also what happens in those business schools in Taiwan? What happened to them in the past thirty years? There is even no any sustainable database for cases in Taiwan, while we already saw at least two or more case centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

I also wonder the experience of management education in Taiwan should have the opportunity to play a more proactive role for the management edcuation in China. What happens in the past? What can we expect from now?

With the booming of China market, can management education in Taiwan provide more value-added to their participants? What can management education in China do beyond training professional managers? All these questions remain to be answered.


Chen, J., Wheelwright, S., & Knoop, C-I. 2006. The case for management education in China. Diamond Harvard Business School Review, May, 132-145. (In Japanese)

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