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Case method has been used in the fields of business education and corporate training widely. When business schools in Western countries have dominated the development of using case methoed in their different programs. There are not many books or information about how case method is used in the East, such as China and Japan.

I found the book “実践!日本型ケースメソッド教育” , written by Dr. Haruo Takagi and Mr. Shinichi Takeuchi, that may be the first Japanese book focus on using the case method in the corporate training. It contains an appendix entitled as FAQ for the case method, which gives quick hints for people who like to grasp the ideas of using case method.

Because there are not many books soley discuss case teaching, especially in non-English spoken countries, this book fills up that gap and lets those who interst case teaching know how case teaching for the corporate training in Japan may look like.

As far as I know, even the original idea of using the case method in business education learned from the experience of Harvard Business School, only Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada regually offers the workshops both for case writing and teaching.In fact, we can find cases for teaching through individual schools or the insttituion like ecch. It can be expect that more and more cases would be developed in those non-Western context, that may call for coverging of teaching with the case from different sources and in different contexts.

See also,

Takagi, H. 2002. Case method: Enhancing your leadership. Diamond Harvard Business Review, Nov., 42-50. ( in Japanese)

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