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This is another new book bought from the bookshop in Haneda Airport this January.

It mainly discussed R&D management in Japanese pharmaceutical industry and compare its with current understanding in the field of technlogiy/innnovation management. The first half of the book does analyze R&D experience in Japanese pharmaceutica firms, but the second half mainly describes existing theories and arguments related with R&D managemnt, and make comparision work between the finding derived from the first part and previous studies.

If one can’t have time to read books of Clark and Fujimoto (1991), Iansiti (1998), and Cusumano and Selby (1995), you can take a shot from this book to grasp main ideas from these English academic works in Japanese.

Except as it may be he first book discussed R&D management in Japanese pharmaceutical industry in recent years, I don’t think the arguments or researches the author did is as comprehensive as Pisano (1996) did. What really surprise me is the author even didn’t cite any arguemnt from Pisano (1996).

The focus of Pisano (1996) mainly concerned both the development activities and performances of in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, I believe this book is a good reference for any beginer who try to grasp how R&D activities are executed in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. I am not sure whether the author read or cite Pisano (1996) or related works in his pervious research works that were the basis of the new Japanese book.

This book is good for people who are new to the topics of R&D management and interested in Japanese pharmaceutical industry, but may not satisfy those who expect to find a comphrensive survey or analysis how R&D management practices in Japanese pharmacetuical industry.


桑嶋 健一, 2006. 不確実性のマネジメント-新薬創出のR&Dの「解」, 東京: 日經BP社

Clark, K. & Fujimoto, T. 1991. Product Development Performance. Boston: HBS Press.

Cusumano, M. & Selby, R. W. 1995. Microsoft’s Secrets. NY: The Free Press.

Iansiti, M. 1998. Technology Integration. Boston: HBS Press.

Pisano, G. 1996. The Development Factory. Boston: HBS Press.

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