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While trust becomes a growing concern in the field.

Trust become a critical issue in today’s management research, especially those concerned about partnerships between people and organizations.

Why do people trust one or another ? Just because their seniorities on age, experience? or because they really have something or do something worth to be trusted?

People and organizations need to build up their own reputation before gaining their trustworthiness toward others. However, reputation and seniority are just quite surface elements for establishing real trusted relationships, doing something one ever promised is far more important than just evaluating whether one is trustworthy or not by his/her reputation or seniority.

Unfortunately, at the first place we are all face an information asymmetry to trust or not trust someone/something we concern.

It’s a interesting issue that whether to identify, concrete, affirm a trustworthy relationship with people or your vendors.

The studies about trust cover the disciplines of psychology, organizational behavior, and even game theory could be used into consider for analysing how two or more guy should trust or not among each others.

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