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This is new book Professor Nonaka coauthored with Mr. Akira Katsumi. Except lots of cases about product/service innovations in Japan, it also include the idea of phronesis in the final chapter.

Again, like many papers and books Professor Nonaka authored and/or co-authored with , lots of ideas learned from thoughts of Western philosophers. Except the ideas of Aristotle , this books also used arguments of Machiavelli and Heidegger.

It also has some discussion about “is management as science or art?” This management called for the refocus on the “art” side of management and encourage that people should use or insist their intuition and be creative for what they image, what they want, or what they observe from the first hand experience, rather than relying on those analysis work that away from the field.

In fact, different cases have their own contexts that those innovators and organizations they affiliated with. I am not that agree some works based on Machivilli’s thought could work in any other case. Therefore, this books is good for understanding various innovation cases in Japan, but may not proper to establish as an dogma that some rules would also work in elsewhere.

However, I am far more interesting about how the idea of phronesis and knowledge creating model could be understood by the non Japanese context and those small and middle firms. While some books call for the idea of OO WAY , such as HP Way, DNA of HONDA, Toyota, and others, how a small firm or even a start up to build its own WAY, and spread the phronesis of leaders into the lower levels could be another interesting agenda.

Basically, the idea of knowledge creating theory is a phenomenological basis work. It arguments mainly through different cases, mainly from Japanese big companies, along with the support from philosophies both from Japan and the Western society. Of course, one can find other studies used the idea of knowledge creating theory to do some empirical works.


野中郁次郎. 勝見明. 2007. イノベーションの作法―リーダーに学ぶ革新の人間学 .東京: 日本經濟新聞出版社

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