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Credits in the academic profession usually earned through publication they published, in terms of the number and quality of their works.

Occasionally, we can hear some tangible or under table conflicts about who should deserve credits from one published works, especially in those co-authored works. However, power inequality among authors makes some people earned credits that cannot comparable to the contributions they made in those works.

Seniority between authors and the relationship between supervisors and subordinates (students) are two major sources to make such a inequality happens. Therefore, while I found some doctoral programs, especially those in English spoken countries and Europe, or research institutes have formalized guidelines or regulations to rule out how to attribute credits for cooperative works and co-authored papers, I feel more glad that the whole community is getting closer to equality, at least in surface or procedural aspects.

At least, those rules claim the importance of having fairly credits among researchers, and provide the procedural justice for those potential victims to have the opportunities to appeal and/solve such conflicts, even reduce their chance to face such a inequality.

Personally, I think people who proposed main research ideas should deserve the main contributions, the credit of others decrease along with their efforts, so does the order of authorship on that published work. If so, if one doctoral student proposes his/her research topics, he/she should be the first author in publications derived from his/her dissertation.

On the other hand, senior staff should not enforce junior staff or students to list their names as the first author in any cooperated works, except they already established mutual consensus before doing the research.

Of course, all credits need to match responsibilities derived from them. I sincerely expect to have a fair treat in the academic profession, and believe that also encourage more new blood to participate this business, and stimulate diversified progress of the subject field.

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