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It’s important to have a written rule in your program of studying

It should be normal for doctoral programs in most universities to have a handbooks to regulate the writing style about writing doctoral dissertation. However, I can’t find similar handbooks in universities in Japan.

So, what’s the matter for a doctoral program without specifying rules for its dissertation writing?

In that case, once a professor may freely claim different rules on different students, and he/she may claim a work using double spaces is not a good style, students may force to revise his/her work. Since there is only no rule but subjective comments from professors in charge.  students will have no idea whether their works really follow by the rules, especially while they can not be informed before starting their writing.

For example, my work has criticized by different reasons, and one of them was because of using the double space.


That experience assure me that how important to find a doctoral program which has  a written document or rules. Otherwise, you will never known whether your work may affect by subjective judgment, in spite of some substantial reversions you need on your work.

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