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Architecture based view

July 30, 2007 Leave a comment

The so called “architecture based view” has mentioned in many Japanese business books. This idea was proposed and developed by Japanese business scholars, mainly those in MMRC, Univ. of Tokyo, but it mainly come from the idea of product architecture discussed in previous Western works.

Except using cases of automobile, software, beverage, and functional chemical and across different countries, new directions of this view could expand into different industries, especially those service oriented ones, and cover new comparison among different countries.


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Inside careers-II

July 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Some people asked me why I am so interest about the phenomena of inside career?

I guess that because the influence of sociology of science  I learned by the self reading and phenomena I observed.

What really interest me is the reasoning behind the phenomena of inside career. Why one school like to hire their own doctoral graduates, if the effect of inbreeding is already a well known idea in different fields.

I wonder the premise of “inside careers” imply that ” research output of those graduated from schools that hired  them would be better than those graduated from other schools, otherwise there would not have prompt motivation or incentive to hire those insiders”

Apparently, such a premise can be a hypothesis for further empirical work, but I believe only few people would or dare to do this controversy topic.

In this  kind of research , some  constructs need to be operationalized and clarified before doing empirical works, even I could not capable to outline the possible regression or statistical analysis model here.

e. g.

Dependent variable 

research performance: the number of published articles, but following questions arise, such as is there any difference on publications between insider or those hired from outside?

Independent variables

inside career or not,

Control variables

age of those professor, establishment time  of the hiring school,

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In memory of Professor Akio Kameoka

July 25, 2007 1 comment

Professor Akio Kameoka was the supervisor of my minor theme research in JAIST.

My minor research topic is a preliminary work about using technology roadmap/roadmapping in the product development. And this work become my conference work in PICMET 2005.

Even I didn’t have meet him as frequent as other students in his lab, but still can feel his passion in academic work and elegant style of tutoring toward students. I also appreciated him to introduce his post doctoral scholar to me, that made me established a good friendship  with another friend from China.

It’s surprise that his retirement from JAIST and passed away in such a short time. I ever wonder that I can say good bye to him while I leave JAIST with my degree. Apparently, I  cannot  do that now.

Rather than simply showing out his previous success career in Toshiba, his enthusiastic  passion  and integrity on academic work gave us a good model both in academic career and personal life.

I know I could not meet him  again. But I know I would remember the moment  I had with him and appreciated what he had told me.

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Some articles for people who want to puruse his/her doctoral studying

July 5, 2007 Leave a comment

I think arguments discussed in Mitchell (2007) could further develop as the benchmark criteria for comparing doctoral programs across different context (countries, disciplines, etc.) And those criteria may also help applicants to pick the program they want to enroll, in spite of the concerning of the financial funding.

For those who concern how to be a laureates in their future, please refer Ford, et al (2006).


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