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In memory of Professor Akio Kameoka

Professor Akio Kameoka was the supervisor of my minor theme research in JAIST.

My minor research topic is a preliminary work about using technology roadmap/roadmapping in the product development. And this work become my conference work in PICMET 2005.

Even I didn’t have meet him as frequent as other students in his lab, but still can feel his passion in academic work and elegant style of tutoring toward students. I also appreciated him to introduce his post doctoral scholar to me, that made me established a good friendship  with another friend from China.

It’s surprise that his retirement from JAIST and passed away in such a short time. I ever wonder that I can say good bye to him while I leave JAIST with my degree. Apparently, I  cannot  do that now.

Rather than simply showing out his previous success career in Toshiba, his enthusiastic  passion  and integrity on academic work gave us a good model both in academic career and personal life.

I know I could not meet him  again. But I know I would remember the moment  I had with him and appreciated what he had told me.

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  1. Peter
    July 28, 2007 at 4:46 AM

    Wow, this is so sad. What a nice man he was. I met Dr Kameoka in 2005. He was in the US for a speaking engagement and made a special trip to my employer’s office in San Diego California area to talk to our founders about roadmapping. The company was Alignent Inc, now Sopheon Corp.

    I somehow was chosen as his driver and got to talk to him briefly. He gave me his business card and I still have it at my desk; I knew he was a special and important man at JAIST and in general.

    So sorry to hear he passed. My condolences to the family.

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