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Fashion as an isomorphism process

December 10, 2007 Leave a comment

People may read those fashion magazines to get ideas for their clothing and styling. However, I think that it’s actually a kind of isomorphism process, especially while most people may decorate in the same way.

In that sense, information disclosed in those fashion magazines are directive/reference guidelines to inform you what are  mainstream styles in coming seasons, that works as carriers to tell people what you may dress for matching or grasping so called fashion trend.

I consider this is also a result of collective actions, but be manipulated by single or a group  of people,  or those work in fashion business. Then, many people dress in similar styles, that you may say that is a imitation among people or isomorphism process for people’s dressing and styling.

Therefore, to run a fashion business can be explained to execute a isomorphism mechanism to make a mimic isomorphism to the their target segments.

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