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One big questions?

January 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Hambrick & Chen (2008) shows how strategic management become a new academic field, that deliver a well theoretical arguments about how an new academic field is emerge.

I don’t doubt the exist of strategic management as an academic field in Taiwan or elsewhere, but believe Hambrick & Chen (2008) could be one of fundamental work for me to use in the studies about why management education/research in Taiwan can’t take the lead in the Chinese academic community?

Based on the conceptual model proposed by Hambrick & Chen (2008), if we consider the development of management education/research in Taiwan, I believe there is not short of the existence of an “aspiring community” over there. Nevertheless, could we consider that intentionality of leading figureheads and/or members in the aspiring community and the institutional boundary are main reasons to influence Taiwan’s leading position in Chinese academic community?

Except that, I wonder whether all those phenomenal inquiries could direct to one BIG question- “Does the professionalism work well in Chinese/ non-Western context? why and why not ?”, if we examine what happens in Chinese/non-Western societies, in terms of their political, societal, and academic/professional fields.


Hambrick, D. C., & Chen, M.-J., 2008. New academic fields as admittance-seeking social movements: The case of strategic management, Academy of Management Review, 33(1), 32-54.

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