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“China: Why Western B-Schools are leaving?”- Business Week

The latest article in Business Week reported some Western B-school exit from their joint ventures or collaborative programs with local B-Schools in China, and discussed some possible reasons.

For example, those Western B-schools considered language skill those local students have can’t match the requirement for having an all English program. Those Western B-Schools also face competition from other Chinese program from local prestigious universities, for competing the small market size that beyond what those Western B-Schools’ expectation on the executive education in China.

Again, one can’t find any B-Schools in Taiwan have been mentioned in such a discussion or concern. I believe if Western-B schools already concern the competition from local counterparts in China market, why B-Schools in Taiwan, that have no serious language gap in delivering courses, can away from such a marketplace? Does that because B-Schools in Taiwan ignore China market, or just consider they can do better than those Western B-Schools in executive education business in China?


China: Why Western B-Schools are leaving, May 15, 2008, Business Week

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